Sunday Lunch Run to Snape Maltings

Sunday Lunch Run to Snape Maltings

03.02.2019 - 03.02.2019 6

Join East Coast Mini Club for a Sunday morning run and lunch at Snape Maltings

Those 'signed up' to this event are...

  • Jerome Watts
  • Simon Wooltorton
  • Graham Loveland
  • Dean Lewis
  • Anita Goodenough
  • Tom Roy
  • Wendy Mortimer
  • Lisa Wrigglesworth
  • Chris Rose

2 comments on “Sunday Lunch Run to Snape Maltings”

  1. Simon Wooltorton
    11:40 pm


    Myself plus partner please

  2. Ivan Fryett
    8:13 pm


    Just me,as Ali is working thanks

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